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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rick Nash is on-pace for HISTORIC season, IMPRESSIVE records

* Rick Nash is averaging 2.2001 goals-per-hour, which would be the NHL record (since individuals' icetime started being tracked in '97-'98) if the season ended today.

*In fact, only Alex Ovechkin in 2007-08 (2.0589/hr) & Jonathan Cheechoo in 2005/06 (2.0539/hr) have scored at least 2 goals-per-hour and and placed top-5 in goals in a single season. 

*Unbelievably, if Rick Nash actually goes on to lead the NHL in goals... at the ripe old age of 'almost 31 years old, Nash would become the oldest player to lead the league in the past 40 years!

* In the past 60 years, only Phil Esposito ('73-'75) and Gordie Howe ('63) have been older than Nash is now and gone on to lead the league in goals.

* If Rick Nash wins the scoring title this season, it will be his 2nd award, with his 1st being the '03-'04 season... This would also mean than Rick Nash would tie Nels Stewart's record (1926 & 1937) of going 11 years in-between NHL scoring titles. 

* Rick Nash is the youngest player to lead the NHL in goals in a season (41 goals in '03-'04), at age 19.

* Rick Nash is the most recent (6th youngest) NHL player to score over 40 goals in a season.

* In the '14-'15 season, Rick Nash would be the most recent (and 5th oldest) NHL player to ever lead the NHL in goals

* Rick Nash is leading the NHL in Even-Strength Goals (ESG). If his pace continues, he is set to score 39 ESG's. If so, he would be the oldest NHL player to score 39 ESG's in the past 41 years!

* Rick Nash is also currently leading the NHL in...

 -  0.6458 goals-per-game [minimum 10 goals scored]

 -  Shorthanded goals (4 SHG's)

 -  1st Goal Scored of Game (7)

 -  1st in Home Goals scored (17)

 -  1st in Goals vs Division (14)

 -  2nd in Away Goals (14)
 -  5th in Game-Winning-Goals (5)