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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Calling on NHL Salary Nerds to Come Together & Pool Spreadsheets for Post-CapGeek Era

I have created a salary spreadsheet for the NYR New York Rangers of the NHL. It is admittedly a work in progress, but it is a start, following the cold days of internet since CapGeek tragically & unexpectedly shutdown. I want to get 30 'contract beat-writers' of each NHL team o come together and start a network, based on salary & salary cap data in the NHL. I'm very interested to go nuts and see if there's enough interest to establish a new site, is there anyone out there interested?

Please contact me via E-Mail @ or if you're on Twitter @HockeyStatMiner

HERE is my New York Rangers salary page. Feel free to bookmark it!

Salary Page FAQ's
- Long-Term Injury Reserve credit (LTIR) is not tracked... yet
- This simply shows the contracts of the team's top 25 contracts (5C-10W-8D-2G)
- This is not reflective of current NYR cap space today
- It gives a projected 7-year outlook on the team's finances, as well as estimates for future salary caps. - A player with * attached to cap hit signifies the player's contract has a bonus
- QO is qualifying offer

Raw Link:

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