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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NYR Salary Chart is Updated, Expanded


Click on image to go to FULL spreadsheet!

   I've finally updated the NY Rangers' salary chart after the deadline deals were calculated. Click here to view the salary chart.

   This summer the NY Rangers are going to end up giving Stepan at least $6 million per year (via either salary arbitration, extension, or trade-and-sign). This means MSL / Hagelin / Miller / Fast / Sheppard / Hunwick are going to need new contracts for the remaining $6.5 million. That's a tad over $1 million per player for 6 roster spots... and this assuming the salary cap rises from 69 to 72 million, which is probably an optimistic estimate given Canadian dollar's strength.

   For those unhappy about the "Win Now" mentality reflected in Glen Sather's trades, look at the year 2019 on the salary chart. NY Rangers will be spending one-third of their projected salary cap on 6 players, all of them above the age of 30. I point this out not to slight the players for being bad-value at the end of a long-term contract, nor to disagree with the General Manager for constructing moves akin to "win now, hangover later", as it's the logical cliff to jump from.

   The team NOW is a finely constructed hockey machine. With a healthily rested Henrik Lundqvist returning just in time for the postseason, if injuries can be avoided... trading premium draft picks and premium prospects (Good luck in Arizona, Mr. Duclair) for further depth and skill-per-defenseman is something I won't criticize. With most NHL players typically playing their best hockey prior to, rather than after, their 33rd birthday. If Lundqvist is truly the King, the logical blueprints to the franchise are to revolve around him: how many honest seasons of Cup Contention will feature Henrik between the pipes, putting up high-quality goaltending performances which have spoiled Broadway for the decade.

   Rangers are on overdrive. It may hurt in a few years, but it could seriously be worth it if 16 postseason games can be won this spring. It's seriously not out of the question at this point...


In case anyone is wondering... here are NYR's remaining draft picks the next few years:
2015 NHL Entry Draft
0 --- 1st Round Picks
1 --- 2nd Round Picks (Tampa's via Callahan trade) 
1 --- 3rd Round Picks 

1 --- 4th Round Picks 

0 --- 5th Round Picks 

1 --- 6th Round Picks 
0 --- 7th Round Picks 

2016 NHL Entry Draft

0 --- 1st Round Picks* 
1 --- 2nd Round Picks 
1 --- 3rd Round Picks 
1 --- 4th Round Picks (Arizona's via Yandle trade) 
1 --- 5th Round Picks 
1 --- 6th Round Picks 
1 --- 7th Round Picks 

* If NY Rangers fail to make playoffs in 2016, NYR will keep their 2016 1st round pick, and Arizona would instead receive NYR's 1st round pick in the 2017 Draft

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